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Orchidea Pattern – a Real Masterpiece in Hand-cut Crystal

by | Mar 10, 2019

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ORCHIDEA  pattern

A real masterpiece in hand-cut crystal patterns

ORCHIDEA pattern is following rising popularity of herbal and floral patterns. On the products is hand cut magnificent large-scale ORCHID FLOWER.

“ Unique matte Honeycomb cut ”

ORCHIDEA pattern is designed by Czech glass designer Zuzana Jelinkova.

On the product is hand cut magnificent large-scale ORCHID FLOWER.  The decor use the contrast of matte and polished cuts mainly in planar structures with a exacting matte honeycomb cut.

Where is the Orchidea pattern at home?

Crystal products with unique ORCHIDEA pattern are hand-made in a glass factory with  almost 100 years of tradition.

The glassworks was founded by Josef Blazek in the early 20th century in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). It’s products were soon popular with customers and the glassworks began to grow. Soon these products were known not only in Europe but were successfully exported to the United States.

But the next development was sad and difficult. First, the glassworks had to be closed at the beginning of the Second World War, because the Czech border region was occupied by the Germans. After the war the glassworks was nationalized by the Communist regime.  In both cases, the family of Joseph Blazek lost everything. Still, they always start over again.

After the fall of Communism, they rebuilt their company and you can have at home their amazing, handmade products – crystal drinkware, vases, bowls … and also their specialty – a glass nail file, invented and patented by the successor of the founder of the company.


Historic building of glassworks  Jos. Blazek

(around the 1930s)

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