Donald Trump Presidency Crystal Decanter & Whiskey Glasses Set of 7


The Bright Crystal Set to commemorate the Presidency of Donald Trump.

  • The decanter is engraved with the text: DONALD J. TRUMP 45th President of the United States of America
  • 1st & 2nd whiskey glasses are engraved with Donald Trump’s quote: “Make America Great Again.
  • 3rd & 4th whiskey glasses are engraved with Donald Trump’s quote: “No Dream is Too Big, No Challenge Is Too Great.
  • 5th & 6th whiskey glasses are engraved with Donald Trump’s quote: “We Are Born Free, And We Will Stay Free.
  • Perfect set for a large Whiskey with water and/or ice and refreshing Gin and Tonic/other spirits. A great gift for all proud Americans.
  • Decanter: Capacity 27 oz (800 ml); Height 9.5 inches (240 mm). Whiskey glass: Capacity 11 oz (330 ml); Height 4.0 inches (100 mm).
  • The set is made of genuine Bohemia Crystal (GBC) and hand-cut with the Harvard pattern.
  • Made in Bohemia, Czech Republic, European Union Delivery | Returns. The crystal set is packed in a secure hard gift box.

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Full Description

The sets are made from the genuine BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL by CRYSTALLO and therefore are the highest quality.

  • The HARVARD PATTERN follows the tradition of so-called men’s patterns – it is sharply cut, strictly graphic – the cuts intersect at right angles and are massive and deep.
  • The crystal decanter and glasses not only have an honest weight in hand but also gives a touch of massiveness and brute strength.
  • Bohemia crystal products show a high refractive index and GORGEOUS GLITTER with its shimmer and shine.
  • Products are heavier and more massive than comparable ordinary glass products. If you tap on glasses the crystal product will produce a LONG BRIGHT RINGING SOUND.
  • Crystal uses state-of-the-art manufacturing technology where the crystal is mouth-blown, hand-cut, and gently polished.
  • Crystal is health-conscious because, while adhering to the technological process, the surface of the crystal is physically and chemically stable and there is no release even during long-term storage of fluid in these products
  • We are proud to offer some of the world’s finest mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal.