WINE  LOVE   VitaJuwel  VINO  gems

The ancient Greek knew about the attributes of gems and infused their wine with amethyst to imorove its taste.  Amethyst means “the non-intoxicable” in classical Greek.

Well,  VINO gem blend  won’t prevent you from getting drunk, but the difference in taste of the wine after being treated by VINO is truly amazing.   VINO Vial softens the wine’s natural acids, makes it taste smoother and wine gets a more natural taste of grapes.

The VINO gemstone Vial is full of beautiful  amethysts and rock crystals  and will revitalize every drop of delicious wine.  Even professional sommeliers around the world energize wine with VINO gems.

VINO gemstone Vial with its curved surface is wonderfully complemented by our uniquely shaped wine decanter.  Handcrafted in Europe, it is an exquisite masterpiece.

For travel is the best  Droplet VINO – your small, personal Gemstone Vial.


amethyst  –  clear quartz

VINO  gemstone blend softens the wine’s natural acids (tannins) and making it taste smoother.  As the energy of natural gemstones works, wine gets a more natural taste of grapes.

Crystal Virtues:

Intuition, Imagination & Wisdom

VINO  gemstone blend is available only as Gemstone Vial and mini vial – Droplet VINO.  Not available as ViA GemWater bottle.

Inspiration, Clarity & Focus

Gemstone  Droplet VINO

The handcrafted  gemstone  Droplet  VINO  is a mini version of Gemstone Vial VINO, filled with clear quartz, a fiery garnet and an exquisite amethyst.  Its water drop design is eye-catchingly elegant.

Enjoy delicious taste anywhere

Take your gemstone Droplet VINO to a trip. Put this Droplet into a glass of water or wine in a restaurant, on the terrace or at a party with friends and enjoy not only the perfection of taste but also the interest of everyone around.

The gemstone Droplet VINO comes with an exquisite leatherette case.